Monitoring tenant service with data and feedback
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How Lillibridge Proved Service Excellence

Without any staffing increases, Lillibridge was able to achieve and demonstrate a 73% improvement in documented service delivery in their initial pilot test location. Here’s the story of how they began monitoring tenant service with data – and proving a commitment to service excellence.


As one of the nation’s leading owners and managers of healthcare real estate, Lillibridge is passionately committed to customer service as exemplified by their “Lillibridge Standard” of delivering value to tenants and investors.

However, the Lillibridge Management team wanted to monitor, manage, and capture data for all aspects of their service delivery in order to truly demonstrate service excellence.

The Challenge

Lillibridge engaged with Building Engines in 2010 to automate certain operational processes with an initial focus on tenant service request delivery. They wanted to connect the process and system to their existing service delivery standards and be able to clearly answer:

> Are we hitting our service delivery targets?

> How do our people know how to prioritize tasks each day?

> Who are our peak performer and where should we seek improvement?

> Which tenants are being underserviced or overserviced?

> Which buildings are performing better than others? And why?


The Solution:

The Building Engines Product and Customer Services Team met with Lillibridge senior management in late Q4 of 2011 to clearly define their objectives and map out an implementation and deployment plan for Building Engines’ building operations software.

The new system capabilities incorporate a management principal utilized in many other industries called “Operations Performance Management” (OPM).

OPM has three key principles:

  1. All business units need to be aligned to achieve goals.
  2. Software used to complete operational tasks should aggregate the raw data of daily use and present it to users as actionable information through key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and alerts.
  3. Results reflect performance against targets and benchmarks that are embedded in the processes and systems.

Guided by these principles, Lillibridge and Building Engines partnered in following a Seven-Step implementation process.

Find out more about these steps and the results in the Case Study: Monitoring Tenant Service With Data.

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