Marissa Mayer Talks Mobile Workforce Communication for CRE
Marissa Mayer

Earlier this month Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made news when she canceled the company’s telecommuting program.

Telecommuting has become a popular way for businesses to improve employee satisfaction by providing the option of working from home.

Cloud servers and mobile technology have increased the popularity of these programs, and it is estimated that 10 percent of all workers take advantage of telecommuting. However, as Yahoo found out, giving employees the option to work from home can lead to problems with coordination and communication.

Building managers often have some of the same difficulties faced by telecommuters, as they are frequently away from their offices checking on situations around the property. When communication fails among maintenance crews, it can lead to significant challenges in keeping up with repairs. Maintenance crews need to know when they are needed for emergency repairs and tracking hours or expenses can be difficult without strong communication. To solve these problems, property managers have increasingly turned to smartphones and other mobile devices.

One of the advantages of telecommuting is that it increases worker flexibility. Mobile building management software allows owners to boost the agility of their workforce as well. Maintenance employees and building managers are always available through their smartphones, which can improve coordination. However, the technology also requires additional security if employees are expected to use their own devices.

Security concerns need to be addressed
Bring-your-own-device initiatives are common within the corporate world. These approaches let staff members access information through their personal mobile devices, which saves companies the expense of having to purchase new smartphones or tablets for their workers. However, combining personal and work information on a single device may expose sensitive information to outside threats. Businesses need to take proper precautions to protect their data, while maintaining the flexibility that smartphones and tablets provide.

The right mobile platform can address both security concerns and improve coordination among workers. Building management software enables workers to share information across a secure network. Communications, work orders, expenses and operational data are maintained within a centralized program and can be viewed remotely. This prevents information from being stored directly on a single mobile device, protecting the data in case the phone is lost.

A flexible and efficient workforce is essential to building management. Maintenance employees need the ability to respond right away to emergency situations. Addressing communication issues and providing a secure mobile platform can help any organization improve worker efficiency.Communication for CRE Managers