Commercial real estate (CRE) technology has allowed the CRE industry to make massive strides towards creating a more efficient and innovative future. The positive impact CRE technology has had on owners, tenants, investors, and operators alike is undeniable – from improving day-to-day operations to increasing return on investment (ROI).

According to research, 91% of CRE professionals have plans to stay the course or increase their investment in property management software. That number alone shows how eager CRE teams are to secure their place in this ever-changing and competitive market.

Learn how two companies are using CRE technology to advance their property management process and level up their work order management that wouldn’t be possible without the power of a best-in-breed building operations platform.

How Blanchard Plaza masters work order management

Occupancy had been on the rise at Blanchard Plaza ever since their tech tenant started bringing more employees back into the office. The small property management team – comprised of the general manager and two in-house engineers – handles upwards of 30 work orders per week at the 256,000-square-foot, single tenant building. With a demand like that, they began to feel the pressure.

The team implemented Prism by Building Engines to make work order management more efficient. With Prism, the property management team can enter comments directly on the work order ticket for the tenant and facilities management team to see in real time. “The tenant has noticed a change,” the GM says. “Visibility on work has improved. All the information you need is right in front of you in the work order, which has made it helpful.”

As a result of leveraging Prism, the Blanchard Plaza team has saved a lot of time. For one, the GM says Prism automatically knows how to distribute work orders to different team members. There is also less back-and-forth communication about every work order.

“It takes all the manual work out of it,” she says, which has helped the property management team prioritize and assign work in record time.

3 Work Order Management Tips to Boost Team Productivity and Tenant Satisfaction

3 Work Order Management Tips to Boost Team Productivity and Tenant Satisfaction

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How Stream Realty Partners seamlessly handles 190 work orders per month

A key challenge for Stream Realty Partners was to effectively manage their diverse properties, requiring an intricate mix of maintenance, visitor logs, communications, and other tenant requests. Each building presented its own unique set of challenges due to the differences in tenant needs. With such a unique set of tenants, effectively processing work orders quickly became a challenge.

Ultimately, the Stream team found that Prism was the perfect solution to fit their needs. The VP of Property Management at Stream points to the customizable Prism dashboard. “Prism has a dashboard I can edit to my liking for the things I deem important. I can edit my dashboard however I want.”

Having full visibility is important as well. The property management team is expected to acknowledge new work orders within 15 minutes of receiving them. The VP of Property Management notes that Prism uses time stamps for all actions right in the work order to keep a proper trail of work performed. “Any time you or a tenant enters a comment, you know exactly where the work order is at,” she says.

Since implementing Prism, the Stream team has experienced significant improvements in managing their properties and serving their tenants. The building operations platform has enabled them to effectively handle approximately 190 work orders per month at one property alone.

Improve your work order management

Prism by Building Engines has delivered measurable results and empowered these CRE companies to focus on their core business goals and take their work order management to the next level.

Are you looking for a helping hand to improve your work order management? Take the self-guided, interactive tour of commercial real estate’s leading building operations platform, Prism.