If you work in commercial real estate (CRE), you know measuring the available area of a commercial building matters. But most people don’t know the difference between the various BOMA standards of the Building Owners and Managers Association. So Building Engines has compared the four most popular BOMA standards in this handy cheat sheet:

Comparison graph showing which BOMA standard to use for commercial property space management

Are you still unsure about how BOMA standards can affect a commercial property portfolio? Don’t sweat it – you don’t need to be an expert. With over 10 years experience in building measurement, RDM (Real Data Management) by Building Engines, are leaders in space management software. We can guide you through the measurement standards and help you get the most rentable square footage and value out of buildings. Contact us to learn more.

Want more info on the methods of CRE building measurement? Check out Building Engines’ free whitepaper.