Commercial real estate (CRE) tenants continue to maintain high levels of expectations from the buildings they occupy. And this is even more true for those returning to commercial property office spaces for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. 

The best way for CRE owners and operators to encourage building re-occupancy is to establish a solid (and unique) approach to their property’s tenant experience. 

In this blog we outline actionable insights based off research from the report, “2023 State of Commercial Office,” for CRE teams to consider as they look to create the best tenant experience at their commercial property office space. 

2023 Commercial Office Trends: Top 5 Questions Answered for Property Teams

2023 Commercial Office Trends: Top 5 Questions Answered for Property Teams

This blog answers the top five questions on commercial office property teams’ minds this year. Read on for top insights and trends from the 2023 State of Commercial Office Report.

The increasing popularity of tenant amenities  

Returning to buildings may not be as enticing to tenants as property teams want it to be. And because of the shift to hybrid and remote work in recent years, the idea of returning to buildings full time can be less than appealing for tenants. However, there is a way for CRE teams to address this issue with tenant amenities. 

Many CRE companies have spent a lot on adding amenities to their properties as a way to get people excited about coming back to buildings. Amenities not only add value to buildings but add value to the tenant experience as well.  

 Commercial office property teams in the report were asked whether they had plans to add new amenities to their buildings over the next few years. While over half said either no or they weren’t sure, 46% said they plan to add amenities.

With such a significant number of CRE professionals looking to add to their tenant experience, it may be time for others to reassess the current state of their commercial office spaces if they want to stay ahead of the competition.  

Consider the question: How can you utilize your buildings in creative ways? That’s especially important as workplaces continue to change and space is freed up due to potential shrinking leases or diminished lease renewal rates.

How to Create Commercial Buildings that Attract and Retain Occupancy

How to Create Commercial Buildings that Attract and Retain Occupancy

Explore this free interactive eBook if you want to stay ahead of the competition in a constantly changing landscape.

Top 8 best office buildings amenities 

With convincing data on the value of tenant amenities, your next question might be, “What are the best tenant amenities to add to buildings?”  

In the “2023 Commercial Office Report,” the 46% who said yes to adding amenities were asked what specific amenities they plan to add.  

Below are some of the best office building amenities commercial office property teams said they are adding to their buildings:  

  1. Tenant lounge
  2. Café and Grab & Go food options
  3. Conference rooms and small huddle rooms
  4. Fitness center
  5. Outdoor spaces, such as community gardens, green space, and new seating
  6. EV charging stations
  7. Zoom/phone/quiet rooms
  8. Nursing rooms

It is important to note that while this list represents the most popular amenities amongst commercial office professionals, it is not finite. Not every commercial property office space might benefit from adding a tenant lounge or a café. In fact, every CRE property is unique, and their amenities should be as well.  

2023 State of the Commercial Office

Tenant data helps create the best tenant experience 

One way CRE teams can better understand which tenant amenities work for their buildings is by communicating and surveying tenants. Real-time tenant data provides property teams with the information they need to make important decisions for buildings. Tenant data shows property teams the current amenity usage, every event registration, booked resource, and what tenants love – and what they don’t. These insights can help property teams create the best tenant experience.  

When property teams collect and analyze their tenant data, they can make adjustments to their buildings that directly address tenant concerns, suggestions, needs, and wants. Overall, when property teams design their properties specifically for the tenants that occupy the space, tenant satisfaction and experience can improve. 

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Webinar – The Future of Work: 3 Must-See Takeaways for CRE Landlords

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Additional tips and tricks to improve your commercial property office space 

CRE professionals alike can agree that tenant experience weighs heavily on the success and occupancy of their buildings. Improving your property’s overall experience, whether that is through adding the best office building amenities, improving tenant communication, or collecting tenant data, can make a significant impact on tenant retention. 

For more commercial property office space insights and trends, download the  “2023 State of Commercial Office Report.”