In the quest to cut costs and keep overhead to a minimum, it can be easy to lose sight of the areas where a little extra money spent is a very worthwhile investment. It is my wholehearted believe that Customer Service is one of these areas.

We live in a world of technology and globalization, which have brought great advancements for businesses all over the world. Unfortunately, they’ve also brought us such wonders as auto-attendant phone answering systems and Indian-based call centers. It seems the more engrained in technology we become, the farther we get from the personal touches that businesses of the past were built upon. The temptation to buy into these customer service solutions is undeniable. A well trained, educated group of employees is expensive to maintain within the United States, especially when you consider that the same number can be maintained overseas for a fraction of the cost.

That said, I think there is something important to remember that can’t be represented by a spreadsheet or bar graph. As far as your customers are concerned, your service personnel are the face of your company. Their only contact with your business will be through these individuals, and impressions will inevitably be formed from these experiences. By deciding how you will handle inbound customer requests, you are not just making a practical decision; you are also selecting how you will be represented to the public. That said my challenge for you would be rather than focusing on the bottom line, step back and ask yourself – Is my company putting its best face forward?