Are you still using excel spreadsheets to manage operations? Are you running breakdown maintenance instead of proactive maintenance?   When was the last time you took a good, hard look at service response times?  These are just some of the indicators that your operations have started to grow roots. And left unattended, these roots will spread wider,  deeper and eventually crack the foundation of your business!

The real estate industry isn’t changing- it’s already changed. Whether you’re an owner, operator, manager or investor, the hold time for assets has increased significantly.  Everyone is looking for ways to improve the bottom line and have a better story to tell potential investors and clients. If you are still running operations the way you did yesterday, last month, or the year before, you are already at a competitive disadvantage.

Owners and operators today must be agile. They must analyze, understand and ensure the performance if their individual assets. This means  re-engineering business processes regularly, adopting new technologies that improve efficiency and aligning roles, staff and disparate systems within their buildings.

Just remember, there is a cost to doing nothing.

 new technologies that improve efficiency in building operations