We’re halfway through National Preparedness Month, but we’re going all the way to ensure we’re ready for that black swan event. What I’m talking about does not involve Nathalie Portman, and it’s not a subject your company should dance around. Preparation for an unpredictable event calls for more tabletop exercises than barre exercises.

Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Web and Mobile Property Management and Operations Software Helps You Prepare for a Black Swan Event
Watch out for the black swan event

Now is the perfect time for commercial real estate owners to assess their respective levels of readiness. Did you go “halfway” on your emergency pre-plans? Have you forwarded all the necessary information to first responders in advance of an emergency? Do you practice regular tabletop exercises? In sum, are you prepared for when the “what if” scenario becomes “what now?”

Ready or not, here comes the Building Engines Emergency Preparedness Kit to help you assess and raise your level of readiness. Here’s a glance at what’s inside:

Checklist: Implementing a Successful Emergency Response Plan

Case Study: Cook County Chicago Fire

Webinar: Emergency Preparedness- Managing risk and the changing role of the property manager

And More!


Download the Kit here!