We recently hosted a webinar presented by Patrick Braswell, co-owner of Scotland Wright Associates, on how to effectively retain tenants.

Patrick has been in the business of tenant management for over a decade, and has dealt with more than 200 lease transactions.  Backed by this tenant-focused experience, he readily recognizes why tenants stay in or leave a property.

In today’s economy, keeping tenants in your building is a top priority, and Patrick shed some light on various ways to ensure that tenants will not look for alternative options; including:

  • The often overlooked details that affect a tenant’s decision to renew
  • How to promote pivotal aspects of the building and its amenities
  • Service efficiency & process automation


Full House: Strategies for Tenant Retention

He notes that tenants appreciate the small things in buildings, such as the friendliness of employees or the proper functioning of air conditioning units.  He also advises owners to emphasize the benefits of their building; tenants need to know what tools are at their disposal in order to take advantage of them.  Furthermore, he states that responding quickly to a tenant’s issue is key for pleasing the tenant.  And, according to Patrick, that means integrating more with the Internet:

When people have a question nowadays whether you’re 50 or whether you’re 20 the majority of the people go to the Internet first. So the concept is if you can set up system to where someone has a problem and they don’t have to pick up the phone but they can immediately deal with the problem online and get a response online, that to me is a powerful tool, you know, at some point, yes, you’re going to have to have a face to face interaction. I do believe that and that will never change. However, the initial contact, the initial point, that is changing and that no longer needs to be, and people no longer prefer it to be a face-to-face. They prefer to start online, period.

Patrick’s insight into tenant retention best practices is not to be missed.