Fairy-Tale Endings and Property Management Software Adoption

Purchasing a commercial property management software platform is a lot like building a relationship. It takes dedication, effort, and the desire and ability to achieve common goals.

It also requires open, and honest communication between your team and the CRE Tech provider in question. So long as that happens, your experience should never be subpar and you should always expect the proverbial “happily ever after.”

In short – an equal partnership is key to your success.

The property management software platform you select should also give you optimal oversight, flexibility, and will be user-friendly for everyone on your building team. You – and your staff – do not want to be blindsided by something that looks perfect on the outside but drives you and your building team crazy once it has been implemented.

3 Important Considerations for Adopting Property Management Software

  1. Real people, real expectations

    Your engineers are in the trenches all day prioritizing incoming requests and working hard to ensure that your tenants are not swimming when they walk into the bathroom, working with nightlights at their desks, or preparing to do hot yoga from the sweltering heat at their cubes. Being able to report how long it takes to respond to these issues is instrumental in improving service and building new goals.

    Your system should give you the tools and the ability to setup and customize your own priority levels and target service times to ensure top-notch service. We all know that no two buildings are alike and the key is to build realistic goals that meet the demands of your tenants while considering the workload of your team.

    It is always a plus if your implementation team is knowledgeable on industry standards and can advise you on best practices, like how to best manage your tenant relationships!

  2. “On the go” flexibility is crucial

    You can only expect people to succeed when you give them the right tools for success. Providing your engineering team with a user-friendly web and mobile commercial property management software platform that gives them access to their work anywhere they are is a must in today’s world.

    Your team is constantly on the move from space to space and needs to be able to view and complete their work in an organized manner. The added mobility of a transitional app allows them (and you) to take charge no matter where your work takes you!

    Consider photo taking options, signature capture, and a mobile tenant center for those last minute meetings.

  3. It should aid your ideal workflow

    Workflows are rarely ever cookie cutter but should be efficient and get the information across clearly and quickly to the assignee. You may currently find yourself in a position where Person A gets the initial request by phone, turns around and hands it to Person B who makes a copy and snail mails it to Person C, who then may get on the loud speaker and assign it to Person D.

    If this sounds similar to what your team is doing now, then you are probably working with 5 o’clock Boston traffic style road blocks as far as your workflow is concerned. A new platform should not add to this but make it shorter, sweeter, and to the point. You don’t have to walk through fire to cover all your bases. You just need the right tools and setup.

    While on the job, consider whatever commercial property management software platform you purchase to be your team’s best friend. Your administrative team may use it for accounting and bill backs. Your engineering team may be walking their daily rounds and responding to the ever-pending PM tasks. And you, well you should be able to take a quick glance at your software’s dashboard and be able to see how your building is doing with the click of a button. It should be as simple as that.

    So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure all your building needs will be met – even better – exceeded, by your new software provider.