I like to blog about CRE. If I didn’t like to write (read: ramble, rant and rave) about building operations, property management and the state of the industry, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Besides enjoying the click-clack of the keyboard and the progression of thought to tangible type, I blog for another reason – because it’s advantageous. I’m a blogger with benefits.

In a recent article in The Tenant Advisor, Three Years of Blogging About CRE, Coy Davidson explains why he stands strong by his assertion that “blogging is and remains the single most important aspect of marketing my services online.” That ‘s a pretty confident statement from someone named Coy! For Davidson, the single most important aspect of promoting his (or your) business online is creating your own content.

In his article, Davidson breaks down the reasons why a highly visible presence online can reap rewards for you and/or your business:

1. You’re Fine and Online. There have always been ongoing discrepancies as to whether or not social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are fertile ground for new CRE clients. The truth is, even without Twitter or Facebook, potential clients are definitely spending more and more time online doing research. Lots and lots of research. Companies are researching topics and looking for background information on people they are considering doing business with. Davidson notes that as he is writing this article, he passes 130,000 visits to his blog from 100,000 unique visitors that have looked at 250,000 pages of content. He is now exceeding 8,000 visitors per month and the trend is increasing. The majority of these visits come from Google.

2. You’re a Writing Pro – and Prolific. Davidson discusses how his successes haven’t come from the fact that he is a brilliant writer (he only had 69 visitors in his first month of blogging), they come from the fact that he has taken the time to build his name and blog. By putting in the effort and consistency of creating 3-5 new posts a week, Davidson has been able to establish a following and a name for himself in the Real Estate world. People around the country see him as an expert on the Houston office market and thought leader in his industry because he takes the time to write and publish it online.

3. You’re a Trendy Wendy. Making a commitment to blogging forces you to stay on top of the trends and best practices in your industry, while also coming up with your own new topics. No matter how long it takes to write a post, you still need to do your research, follow the latest news, and sharpen your analytical eye. It’s not easy, but without a doubt you will become more knowledgeable and informed which translates into a higher level of  understanding, insight and service for your clients.

So what about the ROI on all of this? Is there any? Yes, there most certainly is! New business opportunities will come, but their arrivals won’t be overnight. If you build it (with time, effort and a little panache), they (prospects, customers, peers) will come!