Service vendors are key to ensuring your property’s health and success.

You rely on vendors for services like security, landscaping, HVAC repair and snow removal. Most times, these vendors are ones you’re used in the past, or have heard about from a trusted peer.

While using someone you trust is important, this shouldn’t come at a hit to your budget. These friendly vendors sometimes charge more over time for the same services, taking advantage of that trust.

But the alternative is to undergo a time-consuming competitive bid process.  We knew that there was a better way for our customers to secure high-quality vendors with less effort.

That’s why we designed Prism Bid Management.

This solution helps property teams achieve competitive vendor pricing for every need, from quick fixes to large-scale capital projects. And, you’ll have complete transparency throughout the process.

What makes Bid Management different?

Unlike other RFP solutions, Prism Bid Management streamlines the entire vendor sourcing process. Prism Bid Management is also the sole market offering that…

  • Makes putting a project or service request out for bid as easy as sending an email
  • Offers standard service templates for all relevant services and projects
  • Automatically sends follow-up messages to vendors, means you spend less time chasing them down
  • Automatically creates apples-to-apples comparison charts to speed you to choosing a winner

What’s coming next?

We never stop looking for ways to improve our current offerings. In the near future, customers can expect the following enhancements:

  • Improved classification of our Vendor Network, that will speed responses
  • Ability for property managers to edit requests that are active (ie in-flight)
  • Full integration of Bid Management into our Prism platform, including sharing of property and vendor data.
  • Partner Network visibility within Prism Bid Management to make finding vendors easier

Want to learn more about how you can find better vendors for every project?

Watch our on-demand webinar, Introduction to Prism Bid Management.