Have you used a CRE tech tool that creates more problems than it solves?
CRE tech is supposed to make managing your buildings easier. Instead, many tech tools add unnecessary work and frustration.

But, CRE tech is becoming more widely adopted – making adopting technology a necessity to stay on top. Having the right CRE tech can help you be ahead of your competition – especially if it’s easy to use in a matter of minutes (not days).

So, how can you find the right CRE tech that gives you an advantage – instead of wasting your time? Read on find out 3 criteria to look for in CRE tech tools to make sure they have a quick time to value.

Self-Service Capabilities

Building management technology should have self-service capabilities to have a quick time to value.

Self–service capabilities mean that your building management tech should have a user-friendly interface with easy to access information. For tenants, this means having a place that makes it easy to request work orders. Supporting both a desktop and mobile use makes it even easier for tenants to use your technology.

Plus, it should be easy for engineers to view work orders and their completion status. For engineers moving between floors and buildings, your tech tool should offer remote viewing of work orders even without internet access (for when they’re working outside of internet range).

Another important self-service feature is the ability to add users outside of your property teams. That way, you can share important data with anyone who needs it – without having to wait on an IT team to add another user.

With self-service capabilities, everyone can easily view crucial building experience without relying on outside tech support.

Intuitive Workflows

Intuitive workflows that make sense on day 1 also help technology tools have a quick time to value. Plus, some tech allows customizable workflows. So, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you.

Intuitive workflows let you monitor equipment – so you can replace it before it expires or repair it before it breaks down. That way, you can do more preventive maintenance to save time and money running your building.

Plus, intuitive workflows allow you to communicate better with tenants as your team completes work orders. This makes sure that your tenants feel they’re getting great service – reducing tenant turnover.

Another benefit of intuitive workflows is that they allow you to keep track of your financial performance. You no longer have to dig through random notes and reports to understand your financial health. Instead, you can simply look at how you’re doing with technology.

Intuitive workflows streamline your day to day operations and provide greater insight. And, intuitive workflows provide a quick time to value.

High Impact Communication

Good communication is essential to having a high performing building. Your CRE tech tool needs to make communication easier and more effective to have a quick time to value.

When considering what technology to implement, you should look for tech that supports frequent and information-rich communication. It should allow you to communicate with tenants, staff, and vendors better than you could before.

With a platform that supports high impact communication, you can gather and distribute necessary information to help your building run better.

And, technology that supports high impact communication should let you and your team communicate through your preferred channels. Whether you communicate through SMS, Slack, or desktop apps (to name a few), you need a tech tool that integrates with existing communication methods. That way, you don’t have to learn a new way to communicate.

To have a quick time to value, your tech tool needs to facilitate high impact communication.

Wrapping It Up

Technology is only useful if you’re able to use it. But, many CRE tech tools make it nearly impossible to learn how to use them. After months of trying to implement new technology, you and your team might still struggle to use it – reducing any benefit you get from adopting it.

So, you need to make sure any CRE tech you adopt has a quick time to value. You should be able to benefit from new technology from the start – not after months of waiting.

Looking for technology that has self-service capabilities, intuitive workflows, and high impact communication is one way to ensure your building operations tools have a quick time to value.

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