Do you struggle to keep your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Fire Protection Plan (FPP) updated and compliant? 

If you’re a commercial building owner in NYC, you likely need an EAP & FPP – both of which have many compliance rules.  

But, complying with all the regulations for EAP & FPP can be time-consuming, tedious, and easy to mess up.  

Looking for a better way to manage your EAP & FPP? Building compliance solutions make it easy to create and update accurate EAPs & FPPs – saving you time and money. Read on to find out how. 

What Are EAPs and FPPs (and Who Needs Them)? 

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) are floorplans and narratives that map out egress, emergency evacuation routes, and fire alarm related items. Following the events of 9/11, all commercial buildings are legally required to have an EAP if your building is any of these:

  • 75 feet (6 stories) or taller  
  • Any floor in your building is designed to be occupied by 500+ people 
  • Any floor other than the ground floor has an occupancy of 100+ people 

Fire Protection Plans (FPPs) are floorplans and narratives that show all exits, doors, hallways, and fire barriers. You need to file an FPP to get your certificate of occupancy if your commercial building is any of these:

  • 75 feet (6 stories) or taller 
  • 2+ stories used for business, education, factory, high hazard, retail, or storage 
  • A public assembly space for 300+ people 
  • 2+ stories with sleeping accommodations for 30+ people 
  • Apartment buildings with 30+ apartments and 10,000 square feet of space used for public assembly, education, retail, or institution purposes 

On top of having a compliant EAP & FPP, you need to keep them regularly updated to avoid penalties and fines.  

How do Building Compliance Solutions Make EAP & FPPs Easier? 

In-house floor plan updates  

A building compliance solution makes it easy to keep your floor plans up to date whenever there are changes in your building.  

For your EAP, you need a floor plan that shows standpipes, fire barriers, evacuation routes, and more. Plus, you need to keep it regularly updated when there are changes to your building.  

Your FPP needs to have a floorplan that shows exits, corridors, fire barriers and more. You only need to update your FPP if there’s a filling for “Alt 1,” new building, or new place of assembly.  

Aside from these specific details, floor plans must always be updated and refiled whenever there are changes in the building. These changes can be due construction, renovations, or new tenants. 

Building compliance solutions keeps your floor plans accurate and up to date through an efficient, in-house process, so that you don’t have to. Any changes to your building must be documented and refiled so that you can avoid fines during building inspections.  

Allowing you to easily update floor plans with any changes, building compliance solutions save you time managing your EAP & FPP.

Walkthrough Your Building Yearly 

Keeping your EAP updated whenever there are building changes is essential to avoid fines. But it can be hard to remember to update it when you have so many other things to take care of.  

Building compliance solutions can help you keep your EAP updated with a yearly walkthrough. Offered by our building compliance solution, a yearly walkthrough catalogs your emergency evacuation routes, egresses, and fire alarm related items (among others). 

Then, you can compare the information from the walkthrough with your current EAP floorplans. If there are any discrepancies, you can update your EAP floorplan – preventing penalties.   

A building compliance solution can help you keep your EAP updated (and avoid fines) with a scheduled yearly walkthrough.

Need Help Filing?  

To get your Certificate of Occupancy, you need to file your FPP with FDNY. Similarly, to prevent penalties, your EAP must be filed with the FDNY.   

Without a filed FPP, your building can’t be occupied – costing you potential revenue. If your EAP isn’t properly filed, you risk being fined during a building inspection – losing you unnecessary money. 

But it can be complicated to correctly file your EAP & FPP. And, incorrectly filing your EAP & FPP will cost you time and money.  

Building compliance solutions help ensure your EAP & FPP are filed correctly and quickly.

Either by working with your safety consultant or directly filing with the FDNY, a building compliance solution can take the headache out of filing. So, you can spend your time on what matters. 

The Bottom Line 

Having an updated EAP & FPP is legally required in NYC. Without an EAP & FPP, your building can’t be occupied. And, you risk fines during building inspections.  

A building compliance solution can simplify the EAP & FPP process for you – making it easy to have updated plans.  

Building compliance solutions make it quick and easy to comply with EAP & FPP regulations with:

  • In-house floor plan updates 
  • Yearly building walkthroughs 
  • Help filing with the FDNY 

Looking for a building compliance solution to simplify your EAP & FPP? 

Consider using Building Engine’s EAP & FPP solution. Designed to be exceptionally easy to use, Building Engines EAP & FPP solution has a quick time to value.

By subscribing to Building Engine’s EAP solution, you’ll receive a yearly building walkthrough, and unlimited in-house updates to your floorplans.  

Building Engine’s FPP is a one-time service that helps you create floorplans, a narrative, and file with the FDNY 

Get started creating and updating your EAP & FPP with ease today with a complimentary Building Engines Building Compliance demo