Building Compliance

Our experts can help you with critical building compliance documentation like Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) and Fire Protection Plan (FPP’s) creation. We are known for our speed and deep level of expertise – helping hundreds of customers with their violations and building changes.

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Top ways we help with Building Compliance

Emergency Action Plan Subscription

Depending on the location of your building, it may be necessary to provide ongoing documentation of your building compliance. Our services team can provide this ongoing support through a subscription for creating and updating Emergency Action/Fire Safety (EA/FS) plan sets which may include:

  • The creation of current plans for each floor of the contracted building (sublevels, mechanical floors, roof levels, etc.) Optional: standpipe riser diagram creation
  • In NYC drawings that meet required standards for local laws
  • An annual review of customer provided building changes and any necessary updates to plans. (Walk through of the building if in NYC)
  • Coordination with the building’s fire safety consultant to file building updates as needed

Commercial Fire Protection Plan

This one-time service is for us to create for you a Fire Protection Plan (FPP), which is required for a building to obtain a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) or final Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

The following is included with your FPP and can be shared with your Architect and/or expediter for filing purposes:

  • Detailed floor plans showing all exits, doors, corridors and partitions serving as fire barriers
  • FPP narrative identifying all forms of safety systems and features, such as Places of assembly, location or fire command stations and alarm systems
  • Optional expediting/filing service in NYC

How to Keep Your NYC Building Compliant

Your complete guide to complying with NYC regulations for Emergency Action Plans (EAP) and Fire Protection Plans (FPP).

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