In light of a major snowstorm sweeping from D.C. to Chicago (and wreaking havoc on flight schedules), it becomes fairly evident that we can’t always control Mother Nature – and boy can she be a pain in the butte! There’s little we can do when she decides to wintry mix it up – much to the chagrin of those who are accustomed to modern transportation or power. However, how building managers respond to severe weather can greatly influence the safety and quality of operations.

Here’s a few tips for assuaging Mother Nature’s and preventing winter damage.

Cold Weather Woes Be Gone

Fortunately, there are several things that property managers can do to protect their assets during winter storms. Allstate Insurance noted that ice and snow can cause extensive water damage (to no-one’s surprise). Consequentially, it’s important that maintenance crews take steps to repair any leaks that may be found during the winter. If a leak does occur, building managers should removing damaged carpet or furniture to prevent mold from growing undetected and provide themselves with a reminder to check areas with water damage to ensure that repairs were sufficient. Mold that is allowed to grow unchecked could create serious health problems for occupants.

Another hallmark of winter is the uncomfortably frigid temperatures, which do not mix well with pipes. Temperature control systems should be adjusted so that overnight temperatures are sufficient to keep pipes from bursting – generally above 65 degrees.

Maintenance Within Your C-c-c-control

There are a handful of other issues that building managers need to balance during the winter. Building management software enables operators to create master lists of various jobs that need to be done on daily, weekly or monthly schedules and easily delegate them to maintenance staff.

Handling issues before they become a major concern can save thousands of dollars in expenses, while keeping occupants safe. Even minor water damage can affect the integrity of the building, making it important to thoroughly address each issue immediately. Communicating assignments to staff is easier with automated work order processing capabilities.

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