Lunch-Break Guide to Bill-Backs Increased Revenue and ROIIt’s budget season and every dollar matters today. To help enhance your revenue, we have released the Lunch-Break Guide to Tenant Service Bill-Backs.

In the time it takes to finish a sandwich, commercial real estate property owners and managers can learn how to re-evaluate their bill-back policy – including accounting considerations, best practices for processes and technology systems, and more!

Also highlighted in the guide are Building Engines’ online and mobile tools that connect work completed in the field directly to accounting – completely automating and closing the loop on the bill-back process.

Our service bill-back tools allow users to:

  • Accurately assign labor rates, markups, materials, and tax rates
  • Create building, issue type and lease level exceptions
  • Input unique labor, material and markup rates by building, tenant, individual, service or vendor
  • Send charges directly to your accounting system – reducing time and error from duplicate entry
  • Run simple reports to view materials used, invoices and end-of-month revenue capture
  • Report on service program profitability by accurately tracking and calculating costs and revenue

Don’t let revenue slip through the cracks. Click here to access the Guide!