After reviewing over 100 nominations and more than 2,000 votes, the results are in for this year’s winners of the Building Engines Property Hero Awards.

We started the Property Hero Awards five years ago to recognize the valuable work that property management and maintenance professionals do on a daily basis. Their jobs are difficult, yet often occur behind the scenes, meaning that that their accomplishments can go unrecognized.

During the age of COVID-19, we’ve needed everyday heroes like these more than ever.

Since the pandemic began earlier this year, property managers and maintenance professionals have worked tirelessly to keep properties running efficiently while keeping their occupants as safe as possible.

While many of us can work from the comfort of our homes, these professionals must routinely visit their properties to lay the groundwork for occupants to return to their offices safely. Amid the emotional toll that the pandemic has taken, they’ve recognized the importance of helping their tenants feel safe as they begin to return to their offices.

What does it mean to be a Property Hero?

Each year, the Property Hero Awards recognize CRE property management and maintenance professionals who go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding experience to anyone who sets foot on their property. This year’s awards recognize CRE heroes that have gone above and beyond to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and our ‘new normal’.

Five qualities of a Property Hero:

  • They are passionate about what they do
  • They are dependable and have earned the trust of their coworkers and tenants
  • They are forward thinkers who are always ready for the next challenge
  • They are valuable teammates to their peers
  • They put their tenants’ needs first

Building Engines will be making a donation to a charity of the winner’s choice that is committed to assisting those in need during the global pandemic.

Without further ado, the winners of this year’s Property Hero Awards are:

The 2020 Property Management Hero: Teresa Carlisle, Highwoods Properties

Nominator comments: “Teresa has been working all hours of the day, night and weekends to assure that our customers, employees and buildings are safe and running as efficiently as possible. Her efforts and care are greatly appreciated and deserve recognition. Teresa is a constant hero.”

Teresa’s charity: the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

“I’m thrilled to be able to provide meal assistance for those in need,” Teresa said. “With the significant number of business closures amid this pandemic and the skyrocketing unemployment rate, many of our own friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors are struggling to put food on their tables and provide basic needs for their families. A little bit can go a long way, and the $1,000 donation will provide 4,0000 meals.”

The 2020 Property Maintenance Hero: Robert Washington, Encore Commercial

Nominator comments: “Robert is a true joy to work with at Encore. Robert is always professional and takes his work very seriously, but with a fun approach and great attitude. He never tries to cut corners and is always looking out for the ownership’s interest in each asset. He is more than willing to get up at 4am to do an equipment maintenance check and is more than deserving of the recognition. It has been a real privilege working with Robert.”

Robert’s charity: Cook Children’s Health Care System

With roots that trace back to 1918, Cook Children’s has grown into one of the largest freestanding children’s health care system in the southwest, treating over one million patients each year.?As COVID-19 cases increase across Texas, Cook Children’s Health Care System remains committed provide optimal care for children and families in the Fort Worth area.
We are pleased to be able to recognize these two heroes for the work that they do. Thank you to Teresa and Robert, and to all CRE management and maintenance heroes that work to make our buildings safe for us during the global pandemic and during ordinary times.

Congratulations again to this year’s property heroes, Teresa and Robert!