BuildingConnect- A One-Stop Service Center for Tenants, Prospects and Staff.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Mobile Property WebsitesIf you could have an affordable, fully branded website solution that provides a simple way for you to offer and manage online access to a tenant service portal, tenant handbook, and public marketing information –all wrapped into a central location- would you take it? Of course!Included free with our Building Engines PlatformBuildingConnect provides CRE organizations with a simple way to self-manage and extend their amenities and service, drive tenant engagement and showcase their brand with a visually stunning website that connects tenant handbooks, service requests, leasing information, photo and video galleries, building services, visitor access, resource scheduling and more.Offering attractive design themes complemented by powerful search, communication and management tools, BuildingConnect websites can be built quickly (no information technology skills required) using pre-built templates and a familiar content editor.

“BuildingConnect looks great, makes us look great, reinforces our company branding, and increases the functionality for our tenants,” said Monica Graham, Sr. Property Manager at Harsch Investment Properties.

BuildingConnect offers new features designed to improve the experience of tenants, prospects and staff and solve three major issues previously plaguing many property website solutions:

1.    All tenant services unified through one, fully branded log-in
2.    Easy content management
3.    Flexible control over public (building and leasing information) vs. private (tenant-only) content.

This new product provides property owners and managers with an affordable and attainable solution for marketing individual properties and serving their existing tenants with a single, unified web presence that is easy to launch, configure and manage.

View a sample BuildingConnect website at: