Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Property Websites and Tenant Portal from Building EnginesDrawing in new tenants can be an arduous task. It doesn’t matter how much your property has to offer if you aren’t advertising those details effectively to potential clients.

Currently, commercial real estate websites have a 35 percent bounce rate – meaning that 35 percent of the site’s visitors immediately leave. In addition, property detail pages have a 55 percent bounce rate. Clearly CRE managers need to up their game – and their marketing – since 78% of B2B consumers believe that it is very important to look up information about businesses online before deciding to interact with them, according to Intelius.

Lucky for you, Building Engine’s comprehensive mobile property operations management system allows you do just that on your very own personalized BuildingConnect site. You can create a dynamic presentation of marketing items including space availability, building photos and amenities, and neighborhood information to draw those eyeballs in – and keep them there.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Property Websites and Tenant Portal from Building Engines

Not sure what your next steps are? InMotion recently suggested several tips to improve bounces rates on CRE websites, including:

  • Make sure your site has a well-crafted and professional user interface, navigation, and visual layout.
  • Always include a call-to-action on the page. This action should be clear, descriptive, and easy to find through use of buttons and visual cues.
  • Make sure your content is relevant. Ask yourself: Is the content unique? Easy to read? Free of spelling or grammatical mistakes? The content of each page should convey relevant information that provides values and is expressed clearly for your visitors.
  • Keep readers engaged with related links to other interesting content in your site (blog posts, news, featured properties etc.).

To see how your web strategies compare to others in the industry, check out Building Engine’s Survey Benchmark Report on Property Websites For Commercial Real Estate. The report includes the must-have features and site attributes as ranked by your peers.

Remember, your bounce rate is a key performance indicator you can access through any analytic tool. Your readers will tell you how effective your site is, either through an extra few minutes spent browsing or an immediate departure. Take action with BuildingConnect now.