You’re ready to lower operating costs and increase the value of your building. You feel the need, the need for LEED. Now, how do you get buy-in from your team?

LEED certification can be an extremely beneficial tool for a company.  While it can be a hassle to implement, especially in existing buildings, the benefits are plentiful and far-reaching.  Our newest on-demand webinar, LEED EBOM: 101: Essential Tips for the Greening of Existing Buildings, discusses how management should go about gaining LEED certification, and showcases the many positive effects LEED certification has on a building. But just because you recognize the benefits, doesn’t always mean you can realize them.

Here are the steps to build support for LEED Existing Buildings within your organization:

Communicate the Key Selling Points

LEED-EB is good for the environment, leads to tenant retention, reduces operating costs, is a marketing & branding tool, and offers low cost options for achieving sustainable performance.

Address Common Barriers to Implementing LEED

Be Prepared to acknowledge and address common concerns from your team such as:

  • Lack of funding– LEED-EB can be done incrementally, is flexible, and offers credits that require little or no capital investment.
  • Perception of Extra Expenses- LEED-EB helps solve building problems and reduce operating cost, resulting in saving that mitigate and often exceed the cost of implementing sustainability measures.
  • Lack of Human Resources- LEED-EB certification offers flexibility to meet requirements through the efforts of internal staff, outsourcing, or by some combination of both. Gradual implementation means that you can start slowly at any time and kick the procedure into high gear once the time is right for your organization.

Educate Your Team & Increase Understanding of LEED-EB

LEED-EB is a new product from the USGBC. Lack of exposure to these concepts can be a barrier to its adoption. There are numerous resources that provide basic information to help you inform those around you about LEED-EB on the USGBC Web Site:

For more practical information on the proper steps to gaining LEED certification, visit the LEED EBOM: 101 Resource Center. To learn how to manage energy more efficiently and reduce operating costs, check out The Green Spot.

How to get your organization's support for LEED EB
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