Businesses that are hoping to bolster customer satisfaction may wish to focus internally first. 1to1 Media notes that organizations with higher levels of engaged workers are more likely to generate positive experiences for their clients. The source states that companies with above average customer service have moderately or highly engaged 75 percent of their employees, compared to 25 percent at firms with below average customer service scores.

Engaged employees are more likely to work longer hours, make recommendations and pursue new challenges within their organization. This gives these firms a big edge in creating a corporate culture that focuses on customers’ needs, and this can be especially vital within the commercial real estate sector.

Engaging employees depends on developing open and honest communication between all levels of an organization. The New England Real Estate Journal reports that it is just as important for maintenance workers to hear from company executives as it is for them to receive messages from their direct supervisors.

Improve engagement with employee surveys
Communication should flow both ways. Organizations need to give their employees the opportunity to share their opinions on company policies, performance and leaders’ capabilities. Employee surveys are effective tools for developing dialogue?, and by regularly conducting them, businesses are able to address areas in need of improvement. Showing a commitment to staff members will help create a supportive and engaging environment that boosts tenant satisfaction.

The New England Real Estate Journal offers some tips for successfully conducting surveys. The source notes that these questionnaires should allow for anonymous feedback so participants don’t fear repercussions for speaking their mind. These opinions should be welcomed as it offers an opportunity to improve management strategies and create a more effective working environment. The surveys should be kept short but include open-ended questions so employees can provide honest feedback.

Creating a “Google-like” company culture is every organization’s dream. But you don’t need conference rooms with hip names and tables made out of Leggos to encourage creativity, job responsibility, and stellar service. Just get out there and start listening more and looking for ways to show your team they’re appreciated.