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This week’s most important property management news covers: Working with startups, historic theaters gaining new life in retail, millennials in CRE, how tenants evaluate office space, and wouldn’t you know it – there’s just too much stuff and no way to find it!

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  1. The CRE Owner’s Guide to Working with Startups (Building Beat)

    Flexible short-term lease commercial office spaces like WeWork are getting all the attention these days, but this guest blogger suggests that there is nothing stopping CRE property owners from jumping in and getting a piece of the pie.

  2. Historic Theaters Gain New Life as Retail Stores (LA Times)

    While this headline suggests it – theater isn’t dead. Hits like ‘Hamilton’ continue to impress, but for theaters located off-Broadway in other cities across the United States, times are tougher. But some of these historic theaters are getting a new lease on life, not for performance, but as…retail stores.

  3. Millenials and CRE: Everything You Need to Know (BrokerList)

    By 2020, millennials are expected to represent a big chunk of the workforce – and that’s a big deal. Hightower guest blogs on The Broker List to talk about how millennials are impacting the CRE workforce, and are instrumental to its rapid technology adoption and change.

  4. Too Much Stuff and No Way to Find It (CRE Outsider)

    Information and content fatigue are an all too real thing, and it appears to finally be hitting the CRE Tech scene, if Chris Clark of the CRE Outsider is correct. In this post, he discusses how CRE Tech companies are promoting their software, and offers a few personal recommendations into how they can improve.

  5. The Digital Economy and How Tenants Evaluate Office Space (CRE Tech Talks Podcast)

    The way that a tenant evaluates office space is crucial to any property team’s success. In this latest episode of the CRE Tech Talks Podcast we interview Arie Barendrecht, CEO of WiredScore, to gain insight into how office space evaluation is changing in the age of the digital economy.

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