Just because disaster strikes, miscommunication and confusion don’t have to. In an unexpected crisis, companies need to be able to communicate critical information in little time. At Building Engines, we recognize this need and have developed the Emergency Broadcast Solution, a new two-way, on-demand emergency alert service and response system.

Real-time emergency broadcasting is an essential part of any Business Continuity Plan, ensuring communication with occupants, vendors, and staff across a portfolio during critical situations.

-David Osborn, CEO of Building Engines

Broadcast Messaging and Emergency Communications Systems for Commercial Real Estate
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A newly integrated feature, emergency broadcasting allows users to create, save, and send voice or text messages to individuals, client occupants, employees, vendors, and custom groups. Message recipients can then respond across modalities, using email, phone, text, or text-to-voice.  Responses to alert messages are tracked and documented, serving as a record for auditing, compliance, and debriefing purposes.


  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Multi-Modal Communication
  • Audit Trail

Following the recent earthquake and leading up to Hurricane Irene, client response was strong as BEI users made great use of the system. They used our broadcast messaging feature to enable short notice evacuations and send out non-emergency updates about Hurricane Irene. While our buildings were shaken, their systems stood firm.


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