Building managers, beware!

As you may have already noticed, Google’s email service, Gmail, has undergone a design makeover designating your inflow of daily mail into three separate tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. Based on certain criteria, Google decides which emails belong where for you. However, this new improvement in organization may keep some of your important emails from reaching your tenants, vendors and staff – especially if you are you are sending to a group of contacts at once.

According to Brafton, around 60 percent of consumers use Gmail as their primary email address, which means that your tenants may have your updates, warnings, and news sitting idly in their Promotions tab. In order to make sure your emails are not lost within a sea of advertisements, alert your tenants and have them drag one of your emails from their Promotions tabs into their Primary Inboxes. Like this:

Gmail releases new feature

If they see an alert from Gmail appear after this action asking whether or not they wish to have your future emails in their Primary Inboxes, have them press yes… and they’ll never miss an email from you again!

As you know, effective communication is key to tenant satisfaction. Do not allow Gmail’s new tabs to let your broadcast messages, and your service, fall through the cracks.