We were very pleased this week to announce our new partnership with eSight Energy! eSight Energy is the creator of eSight, the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive energy management suite. Utilizing 100% web-enabled technology, eSight offers an extensive range of techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting sites for significant energy and cost savings.

This partnership will provide Building Engine’s real estate management customers with the ability to measure, track, and act on energy related information. The integrated system will monitor energy usage, provide alerts and work flow tools, allowing users to make fuel-saving adjustments, reduce areas of energy waste and reduce overall consumption.

This effort was driven by our customer’s feedback that energy management is a current and long-term priority for them. Additionally, they saw direct value in an integrated offering that utilized their employee’s daily usage of the Building Engines operation platform and data collection, workflow and communications capabilities.  We are pleased to be working with such a great partner and taking the first steps toward helping our clients in this area of their business.

Learn More about making energy data actionable – Proactive Energy Management: Making Data Actionable

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