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Technology is changing the business of commercial real estate. This show is about helping CRE Executives improve their tech IQ, so they can make informed decisions that will help their organization innovate, grow and stay competitive. 

Why Listen In: Each 20-minute episode will help you get the information you need as a CRE Executive to make informed tech assessments and decisions for your organization as well as keep yourself professionally current with the issues changing your business.

Kicking off on March 12, Building Engines SVP Scott Sidman will be joined by Michelle Mastrobattista, VP of Digital Communications at Solomon McCown & Company, the brain behind Paradigm Properties’ recent social marketing initiative for its 101 Tremont building. Mastrobattista will discuss the company’s strategy as well as reveal what every CRE exec needs to know about social media.

Topics include:

  • How can social media help CRE professionals improve operations, tenant service, crisis response and marketing?
  • What are the foundational elements of a social media plan?
  • What do examples of success look like?
  • How do you monitor success?
  • Where is CRE in relation to other industries with regard to their use of social media?
  • What are 5 things every real estate executive should do right now with regard to their personal and corporate social media plans?

Each podcast will be available to stream or download on its air date. Written transcripts will also be available, as well as a regular accompanying feature, “Top 5 Takeaways to Apply Today.”

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