Tenant Satisfaction Management Tools
Tenant Satisfaction Tools Give Tenants a Voice

We are excited to announce high adoption and usage numbers of the new tenant satisfaction and feedback tools recently added to our Work Order Manager.  The new functionality closes the feedback loop allowing tenants to submit service requests online, track the progress of work in real-time, and provide feedback at any point along the way with a single click.  By connecting tenant satisfaction with the services provided, property managers are able to proactively manage tenant happiness and deliver top quality service.

In the 9 months since the launch of Tenant Satisfaction, Building Engines clients have received 25,000 service ratings from tenants representing an overall response rate of 50%. 90% of tenant respondents chose to share positive feedback and 10% indicated a negative experience, allowing property management to proactively improve service before the issue escalated or resulted in a vacancy.

“The tenant is the ultimate client in our market,” said David Osborn, CEO of Building Engines. “Tenant happiness is the spine of a building’s value posture. A truly effective system must include a thoughtful, timely assessment of the client’s satisfaction with service delivery. Clearly, from the results we have seen so far, tenants want to be heard more than once a year in an annual survey.” Osborn said.

Each year real estate management companies invest thousands of dollars trying to measure tenant satisfaction. “High quality service delivery is the key indicator for tenant satisfaction,” commented Chuck Fendrich, long-time property management executive. “Building Engines gives us enhanced visibility and metrics for building services and enables us to jump on problems and get them fixed quickly.”

The key is to capture satisfaction indicators at the point in time when it matters most, enabling the management team to quickly adjust its activities and enhance its responsiveness to maximize satisfaction.