Tenant Service and Retention Tips Webinar

Description: In our first ever “Best-Of” webinar, we are sharing hand-picked insights from our Real Estate Operations Masters webinar series on ways to use technology and mobile capabilities to optimize service. Watch Now

  • Patrick Braswell, CEO of Ten Eight
  • Tim Donahoe, Sr. RE Investor
  • Matt Brogie, Owner of MobilityCIO
  • Paul Wubbolts, IS Director at CREIT
  • Duke Long, Owner of Duke Long Agency
  • Tom Russo, CTO of Akridge
  • Brett Lazar, Principal at BGS
  • Scott Sidman, SVP of Building Engines


Tips To:

  • Use technology to maximize occupancy
  • Understand the modern tenant’s expectations – and surpass them
  • Update your communications strategies to enhance relationships with tenants
  • Leverage building data, mobility and social media to connect with tenants and demonstrate your competitive edge