Building Engines Is a Mobile Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software App

Presenters: Matt Brogie, Owner of Mobility CIO   Duke Long, Owner of Duke Long Agency  Paul Wubbolts, Director of Information Systems at CREIT

Preparing for a (Not So Distant) Mobile Future

Must-have mobile strategies for today’s property manager

Mobile property management is a new business reality. Real estate operations that provide property managers and field personnel with mobile access to applications and data are more productive, deliver better customer service, are better informed, and can respond more nimbly to changes in their operating environment.

In this free webinar, our panelists share their insights on:

  • The market conditions driving mobile adoption in property and facilities management
  • Factors to consider in developing your mobile strategy
  • How to overcome common hurdles
  • Corporate data and security considerations
  • How to evaluate providers
  • The impact on operational performance and real examples of success

Building Engines Is a Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software Web and Mobile App

In the property management and building operations space, management is expected to be out there with tenants – not tied to their desk – answering questions and solving problems in real time.

-Mat Brogie, Mobility CIO