Most of us have made a New Year’s Resolution at some point in our lives.  These resolutions typically focus on personal issues such as eating healthier, getting more exercise, or quitting smoking.  They are typically goals that we would like to achieve, but we often fail to put a plan in place that allows us to achieve them.  Like everything else in life, it is important to not only set realistic goals but to also lay the groundwork to set oneself up for success.  Some key components to a successful New Year’s Resolution plan:

  • Be Realistic
  • Think Critically
  • Outline a Plan
  • Talk About it with Others
  • Continue to Try When at First You Don’t Succeed

I got to thinking about the concept of resolutions and started to wonder why more businesses and companies don’t do the same.  Again, the same strategy is key for success….don’t set unrealistic goals and plan accordingly.  The following are 20 ideas that might make good resolutions for your company:

  • Fine Tune and Execute on Your 2010 Business Plan
  • Touch Base with your Clients More Regularly
  • Think Outside the Box – create innovative marketing strategies
  • Get Organized
  • Define your Processes and Stick to Them
  • Make more with less
  • Network with companies that compliment your product
  • Build testimonials and case studies for future clients to read
  • Attend at least 5 relevant seminars/ webinars in the coming months
  • Adjust pricing for your products as the market/ your clients dictate
  • Build a new product to add to your current package
  • Add a new service to your current list of client service offerings
  • Go Green
  • Track the time you work better
  • Remember that SERVICE is king
  • Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Be flexible, the status quo is not ok
  • Tell the world what you’re doing
  • Improve your website traffic and page views (this year, we resolved at Building Engines to improve in this area)
  • Never get complacent

Remember, it’s easy to make a knock down list of ideas – but truly successful companies are the ones that build a strategy and plan around those ideas.