You asked, we listened. Building Engines is bringing visualization of building operations to commercial real estate.

As you may remember, we recently announced new platform functionality for space management. This release came in response to customers saying that they spent too much time scrambling to find current versions of floorplans and waiting on responses from architects.

Now, we’re going a step further by bringing you a completely new spatial experience with Prism Space Management.

This Prism release addresses customer pain points by improving manual space management processes and facilitating collaboration, which teams desperately need as many still work remotely.

By bringing together the tools building operators use most, we’re helping these teams spend less time switching between apps and recovering from costly delays waiting for floorplans, and more time getting work done.

This new solution delivers a modern, centralized workspace where users can access all their floors plans connected to their stacks—including CAD and PDF files — with integrated floor plan editing tools, work order location pins, and equipment icons with version controls. This is the first time that tools like these are unified in one place and without the extra costs associated with CAD tools or the manual hassles of chasing down plans.

What’s included:

  • Ability to easily identify where issues (e.g. work order requests) are found on a floor or suite 
    Owners, managers and tenants can drop a pin to a specific location on a floor plan to identify where a work order is located. This helps engineers find issues quickly and provide resolutions to tenants sooner, reducing operating expenses and improving the tenant experience.
  • Mark location of key assets (e.g. equipment) in a building with floor plans
    Engineers and property managers can easily add equipment icons to floors plans, and save in Prism for future quick access anytime to determine where equipment exists in the building. This means less time figuring out what and where assets are, and more time delivering results.
  • Enhanced ability to centralize and markup floor plans 
    This solution provides you with a centralized floor plan library with tools to manage master drawings and multiple scenarios that teams can view online. Property and leasing teams can collaborate and make scenario edits with Prism Space Management that include showing proposed new walls, notes, colors code suites, and more to support and accelerate leasing.

Our goal with Prism Space Management is to help you to continue to work the way you want to work–by bringing all your work together into one workspace and eliminating fragmented tools and workflows. Prism Space Management is a game-changer for anyone who needs to quickly see floor plans, edit them and collaborate on the web.

Sound interesting? Check out our on-demand webinar to see Prism Space Management in action.