Q: Why do technological things never work?

A: Because there’s “no logic” in it!

Taking CRE tech to the next level
It is illogical!

Buhdum Che! OK, so bad joke, and an even worse perspective to adopt when it comes to property and tenant management. Technolgoical tools have been essential in the drive for efficiency and business process re-engineering in property management companies. Owners and operators today face more management demands than ever, and are often asked to accomplish more with fewer resources.

The best management firms have responded by accelerating their adoption of information collection and reporting tools through Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies. These SaaSy companies typically see improved service levels, tenant retention, asset protection and risk management, but there are also some less advertised perks:

Differentiation for Your Company

Top companies see the effective use of technology as a way to create differentiation despite operating in a tenant-perceived sea of sameness. Ultimately, they see it making them more profitable.

No Reliance on In-House Techies

At the same time, technology advances have made sophisticated technologies accessible to property and tenant management organizations of all sizes. The Software as a Service business and technology model has eliminated the need for in-house technology staff to acquire, deploy and maintain online information and operation systems.

Get Lost, Costs!

The SaaS model has dramatically lowered both initial costs and total application costs. Applications are easily aligned to each organization’s workflow, or introduce and reinforce industry best-practices. Software with intuitive interface design can remove user barriers and the need for intensive training.

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