If you’re in commercial real estate, whether it’s office, multi-family, retail, or cardboard boxes, you’ve likely witnessed dramatic changes in the industry over the past couple years. The focus on the deal as the investment return driver has given way to a focus on operations and maximizing NOI during a longer hold period.

Institutional, private, and foreign investment ownership are demanding more accountability from management teams. This accountability boils down to a new emphasis on operational analytics. Much as financial performance is measured and quantified, operational performance must be as well. Operating standards, real time visibility, and quantifiable performance reporting are the differentiators for today’s professional management teams.

Are you capturing the right data? Do you have visibility, access, and insight into the data you have? How do you manage and transform your operational information? This data is gold; appropriate reporting and analysis generates actionable insights that enable you to improve risk management, tenant satisfaction, and productivity.

See BEI’s flowchart for tracking and reporting assets:

Property Management Software to manage NOI and open systems.

The best operators are now applying performance metrics to how they operate, and that is their vehicle to taking things to the next level. The game has changed. How should you adjust your thinking and practices to this new reality?

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