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Prepared Buildings Webinar


There’s a lot more attention being paid to risk management focus with the economic downturn. People are now much more concerned with the cost of their insurance, the cost of uninsured loss, and risk management practices.

You want to make sure you have all the practices, contractual transfers, and the management and operational facilities oversight all in place. Over and above that, you should be asking, “What insurance do I need, and how do I make sure I’m getting the right coverages?”

“Insurance company policy forms change all the time, and if you’re not in the arena of insurance on a daily basis, there is no way you could keep up with those changes, whether you’re a CFO, or a corporate general counselor, or somebody in HR, insurance is a – is a complex, and constantly changing area. It’s a dirty word to a lot of people, because it’s not always the most fun, or easiest arena to navigate.”

-Kathleen M. Nickerson, SVP of Robert M. Currey & Assoc.

So how do you go about identifying what is your company’s exposure to risk within the building, or its portfolio of buildings? What areas of the business, what departments, who are the right people that need to be involved in putting together a comprehensive risk management program?

This webinar seeks to address these issues and questions in 30 minutes, preparing your team or organization for an unplanned event, accident, or liability incident. There are simple ways to insulate your liability by managing COIs and Contracts more effectively!

By the end of the webinar, you will have covered the many facets of risk management, contracts, insurance, COIs, and much more, enabling you to address gaps in your risk management program.  Watch the on-demand webinar today!