Prism by Building Engines, CRE’s leading building operations platform, now integrates with SwiftConnect, software that links access control systems (ACS) to building operations and tenant experience apps.  

This new, powerful integration delivers an exceptional visitor access experience for tenants, their guests, and property management teams in three critical ways: 

  • Advanced security features like unique bar codes for each visitor, leading to more secure access 
  • Easy deployments no matter your tech stack, thanks to Prism’s API-first architecture and SwifConnect’s ability to work with most access control systems 
  • Connection of different access control systems within the building or across portfolios for a seamless experience  

Advanced security features  

SwiftConnect adds an extra layer of security to Prism’s Visitor Access functionality, giving you more control and peace of mind. Advanced security features provide an additional layer of protection, making it easier for you to prevent unauthorized access, identify potential threats, and keep tenants and visitors safe.  

  • The integration empowers you to: Generate a unique barcode for each visitor (and visit) to ensure only the right people can access the building 
  • Automate access permissions from the “source of truth” to minimize security risks  
  • Designate specific times for a visitor’s access to enhance building safety 
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Easy to deploy  

Easy implementation brings important benefits. You’ll minimize disruptions to your daily operations without inconveniencing tenants and visitors while saving valuable time and resources that can be better utilized elsewhere. You’ll also have consistent and standardized visitor management for your properties, whether you have a single building or a large portfolio.  

Prism’s and SwiftConnect’s integrated solution fit the bill, enabling you to rapidly scale visitor access across your portfolio. With Prism and SwiftConnect, you get: 

  • A software-only solution compatible with most barcode readers for fast and scalable implementation 
  • A solution that works with most access control systems and credential/reader manufacturers  
  • Integration with tenant/employee apps such as HqO, making it easy to distribute mobile credentials  

A seamless experience  

In today’s ultra-competitive market, providing a seamless experience for tenants and their guests is no longer an option. You need to set the tone for a positive interaction right from the moment visitors enter the premises. By integrating Prism and SwiftConnect, you can achieve a smooth and efficient visitor access process that enhances the overall experience for tenants and visitors. 

SwiftConnect complements Prism by seamlessly connecting different access control systems within the same building or across portfolios. This integration eliminates the need for visitors to juggle multiple access cards or credentials for different areas or properties. Instead, a unified access solution allows visitors to use a single credential throughout their entire visit, simplifying the process and enhancing convenience. 

Make your visitor access secure and easy 

Prism and SwiftConnect work together to give your tenants and guests a secure, smooth experience from building entry to exit by connecting different access control systems within the same building, or across portfolios. Add an extra layer of security to your visitor access today by pairing Prism with SwiftConnect.