From tracking multiple policies to verifying compliance to sending countless emails to tenants and vendors, managing certificates of insurance (COI) can be a hassle for property teams.  

COIs are essential for ensuring compliance and managing risk, but the process can be complex, time-consuming, and repetitive. 

But now, there’s a better solution.  

Building Engines’ Prism technology – commercial real estate’s (CRE) leading building operations platform – integrates with Jones’ best-in-class COI management software to transform the way property teams operate. Together, they offer a unified solution that not only simplifies COI management but elevates your entire building management workflow. 

A gift to property teams 

Here are a few ways the Prism and Jones integration can make a property manager’s life easier: 

  • Ease and accuracy: Prism’s integration with Jones lets you see accurate COI information directly within Prism’s property and company management tool, streamlining your workflow and ensuring accuracy. 
  • Time savings: Say goodbye to the repetitive tasks of COI management. With this integration, insurance documents can be brought to compliance quicker, freeing up your team for other priorities. 
  • Smarter management: Prism customers can take advantage of Jones’s features, which include automated COI collection, AI-powered two-phase verification, proactive gap resolution, and auto-renewal emails. 
  • Full support: Jones doesn’t just offer software, they provide full-service implementation and support to manage tenant and vendor insurance requirements so property teams can focus on other facets of building operations. 
Prism and SwiftConnect integrate to enhance visitor access

Prism and SwiftConnect integrate to enhance visitor access

Prism by Building Engines, CRE’s leading building operations platform, now integrates with SwiftConnect, software that links access control systems (ACS) to building operations and tenant experience apps.

Simpler risk management 

Minimizing risk is a cornerstone of successful property management. It’s why accuracy in COI auditing is non-negotiable. Jones boasts a 99.9% audit accuracy rate and incredibly swift service-level agreements (SLAs). This level of precision and efficiency means that your properties are better shielded against potential insurance-related risks. 

Plus, the integrated platform enables documents to reach compliance status faster, cutting down the wait time for tenants and vendors, which improves their overall satisfaction with the insurance approval process. 

Ready to transform your COI management? Learn how the Prism and Jones integration can save you time, reduce risk, and improve tenant and vendor relationships. Reach out to our experts today to get started!