Prism by Building Engines has a new module to further simplify your building operations! Meet Prism Purchase Orders. This innovative purchase order management functionality in Prism: 

  • Streamlines the purchase order and approval process for CRE property teams 
  • Provides deeper insight into materials and services costs  
  • Shows vendors which materials are needed to complete work 

And best of all? It’s all integrated into the parts of Prism you use most. Here are three benefits to implementing Prism Purchase Orders for your commercial properties. 

1. Streamline Purchase Orders and Approvals

Creating and approving purchase orders in Prism is easier than ever, so you can get the work done faster and keep your building running smoothly.

Here’s how the process looks with Prism Purchase Orders: 

  • You can create a purchase order directly from a work order and get the equipment needed to complete a job. 
  • Once the purchase order is submitted, the approver gets notified and has all the information required for approval – all in one place.
  • Purchase orders are integrated into your operations workflow, so you’ll have full visibility into your purchases in the areas of Prism you most commonly use.

2. Track Material Costs Across Your Portfolio

Purchase orders are linked to your work orders and material library, so you can track costs and quantities for a single building or your entire portfolio.

With Prism Purchase Orders, you can: 

  • Pick existing materials or quickly add new items to your library, right from the Purchase Order module 
  • Save time with pre-populated material costs and adjust as needed 
  • Always know how much it costs to complete work because purchase order totals are dynamically updated based on material costs and quantities 
  • Add line items and notes to purchase orders so your team has the level of detail they need to approve and complete jobs 

3. Simplify Your Vendor Workflows

Simplified workflows and automated alerts with Prism make working with vendors easier. Now with Prism Purchase Orders, you can attach a vendor to a purchase order right from your approved vendor roster. 

Purchase orders are associated with work orders in Prism. That means your vendors will know exactly what work is being done. And when you share purchase orders with vendors, they’ll also see Terms and Conditions. 

Get Work Done Faster with Prism Purchase Orders 

Prism Purchase Orders simplifies the purchase order and approval process. And it provides key insight into materials and services purchases, so your buildings can run their best. Contact one of our experts to learn more about how your building operations can benefit from purchase order management software.