Tell me if you’ve had a morning like this…

My morning was going great. I just sat down in the management office of my building with a nice cup of coffee, just the way I like it, from my favorite coffee shop. Traffic was light coming in, with no horn honking or accidents to delay me. (I chalk that up as a win!)

But just as I was getting ready to tackle the day with a smile, I get an unexpected surprise. And let me tell you, it wasn’t the good kind.

Apparently, a tenant employee had an unfortunate slip and fall in the main lobby and emergency services were called. But it wasn’t today. Nope. It seems it happened a few days prior, and I’m just hearing about it now. Great.

People are looking at me for answers, but I have none. The incident wasn’t properly reported, and now we may be liable. Why did I get up this morning?

My anxiety starts to set in as I read an email from the injured tenant employee’s lawyer. It says that they are filing a complaint and wants compensation for injuries. I start to go through old incident reports hoping to find some answers, and all I can piece together is a bigger nightmare when I find:

5 Property Management Incidents You Never Want to See:

  1. An incomplete incident report filled out by Moe, Larry, or Curly; your engineers on the job.
  2. A missing incident report that you were looking for a while back, and when you look to your team for answers, they’re like:
  3. An incident report with the correct date, folded into a bad attempt at origami. Not completed.
  4. A loose sticky note stating that emergency responders were called to the scene of an incident, but there is no official record in any of the incident reports.
  5. A report claiming full responsibility for an incident, meaning you have an impending lawsuit on your hands.

When you work without the right tools and processes, incidents like these are bound to happen. Don’t let the unexpected ruin your morning, and manage risk now.

A Risk Management Best Practice Tool

With incident tracking from Building Engines Property Management platform and BE-Mobile you can:

  • Capture critical details, dates, location, and contacts
  • Select from common incident types to save time
  • Track incident status from data gathering through resolution
  • Record police and emergency services information
  • Track insurance carrier notifications
  • Set escalation workflows for incidents requiring review from supervisors and outside Insurance Consultants

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