Resource Scheduling Software and AppsSpace management? Isn’t that a just leasing “thing”?

Not anymore! Property management software and space management have been courting each other for a while now and have officially decided to tie the knot. Sorry, leasing.

After listening to customer feedback over the past few months, it became apparent that property management software needs to identify properties on much more granular level than the current “by building” standard. Breaking it down to suite, equipment room, and even closet level allows for better insight into operations.

What this means for the future:

  • Easily view and manage occupancy.
  • View work orders by areas of a building. This allows you to track trends or reoccurring issues faster and identify underlying problems before they escalate.
  • Set up dynamic inspections that are specific for certain suites (vacant vs. non-vacant, for example).
  • Enhance preventive maintenance. Equipment can be tied to specific suites and building locations.

Ready to reap the benefits of space management for your business? Building Engines customers can now monitor their portfolio at a glance with our dynamic, dashboard occupancy meter. In addition, customers can investigate details of work orders, preventive maintenance, incident reports and inspections by clicking through to the Building Engines Space Management Dashboard. The result? Actionable data that will save you time and money.

Setup is a breeze with our easy floor and suite management tools, and drag and drop functionality makes building your stacking plan easy and fun! (If you need help activating this feature in your account, please contact your Client Account Advocate today at 866-301-5300.)