commercial real estate preventive maintenance platform

Baby, it’s getting cold outside!

Despite ending 2015 with unseasonably warm temperatures (for the most part), you don’t want to get caught flat on your feet when winter finally decides to freeze us out, because trust me, it will! Denial may be convenient in the short-term, but planning for the worst is a smarter decision overall.

Last year we put out a list that included “8 Ways to Get Your Building Ready for Winter.” I’m going to start where we left off with a couple more ways to winterize your building and property.

  1. Inspect your Vacant Spaces

    I know our first reaction is to think of tenants first, and that’s a good thing, but don’t forget about your vacant spaces! Check to make sure all windows are securely sealed and that thermostats are set at appropriate temperatures so there are no frozen pipe emergencies.

  2. Inventory your Winter Tools

    There was a mad rush last year on shovels the day before our first three foot snow storm here in Massachusetts. I personally witnessed people digging out their cars with salad bowls!

    Don’t look unprofessional in front of your tenants when the first snow hits and your equipment can’t be found. Now is the time to make sure your snow blower or plow is still in working order and doesn’t need preventive maintenance.

    If you have a contractor for your snow removal, check in immediately to make sure your contract is up to date, and there have been no major changes to the agreement.

  3. Inspections

    Take a walk around your building and grounds. Take note of any issues that need to be addressed.

    Here are just a few of the key places you may want to inspect:

    1. Water pumps, HVAC, and heating sources
    2. The base of the building for any cracks or ware
    3. Rooftops – Make sure they are intact and no debris is left to freeze and cause a collapse
    4. Walkways – Ensure they are clearly labeled and lit

There is a smarter way to manage your properties

It’s time to give your pen and paper a rest! With the web-based Building Engines Property Management platform, and the BE-Mobile app (for iOS, Android, and Blackberry), you’re always in sync with your property team, vendors, and tenants regarding critical activities.

Our unified platform seamlessly connects your team members with the day-to-day activities (such as Work Orders, PM tasks, etc.), performance data, and insights they need to perform optimum tenant service.

So you’re probably asking yourself: “How does this relate to seasonal preparedness?

Well, the Building Engines platform features a powerful Inspections tool that will automatically generate a work order once an inspection has been completed. So in the event that you spot a part of your property that needs work – such as a crack in the foundation – during an inspection, you’re already set to fix the problem!