Real Estate Groups Looking to Expand
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Major cities are seeing a strong rebound in employment. A report released by the Brookings Institution noted that 78 of the 100 largest metropolitan areas posted job gains during the final quarter of 2012.

As employment opportunities come back to area businesses, commercial real estate groups are looking to expand their own teams. The Portland Business Journal reported that 26 of the 38 companies within the Oregon city are planning to add staff in the coming months. Additional workers make it easier to accomplish goals and maintain properties, but technology is helping organizations maximize productivity.

Building management software helps commercial real estate firms improve communication, which is an essential part of managing proficient teams. Files can be easily created, shared and updated using the web-based tools that programs like Building Engines provide. Employees have faster access to financial information, contracts, work orders and more. Having the capability to share data allows companies to track their spending more effectively.

Managing a mobile workforce
Strong communication is essential in managing teams that are commonly spread across large areas, according to CFO World. The source notes that the ability to provide regular feedback about changes and assignments is even more critical in remote workforces. Mobile technology allows maintenance workers to remain connected to supervisors and building managers, but the right software makes it even easier to assign tasks to employees.

Maximizing productivity is just one aspect of business that technology has improved. By monitoring expenses, companies have been able to identify areas to cut back on spending without affecting the quality of their products. Repairs are always a necessity for building managers, but tracking work orders could help them be aware of when it is time to replace a specific piece of equipment. Having the ability to project costs based on previous actions allows property managers to make more informed decisions.

Strong communication is only part of keeping a mobile workforce operating effectively. CFO World states that employees need to be motivated to achieve a common goal. As commercial property groups look to expand their teams, they should carefully consider how each person will fit with the rest of the group. Enthusiastic and motivated individuals can lift the performance of the entire team, but they need to complement members already within the group.