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Why Hospitality Matters in Commercial Real Estate

An educational & networking event for real estate owners and managers in Chicago.

Imagine if your business depended on retaining your tenants, not every year, but every single day. Let Michael Nenner, Director of Rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago give you a primer from the world renowned “Four Seasons University” executive course on customer service and excellence.

What you will learn:

  • How to build a customer service and loyalty program & instill a culture of service
  • How to set your service programs apart from the competition
  • How to implement and measure your program
  • How to attract and retain the right kind of people for your brand

Who should attend:

  • Senior Commercial Real Estate Operations Executives
  • Asset Managers
  • Directors of Tenant Services

Date: Wednesday, May 12th
Time: Registration: 7:30 am,  Breakfast: 8:00am
Location: The Ritz Carlton Chicago; 160 E. Pearson Street
Featured Speaker: Michael Nenner, Director of Rooms at the Ritz Carlton Chicago


Hospitality is very important in CRE.