I do not mean winning a new customer, which is normally the primary focus of my job.  I’m referring to a recent project where we helped an existing client improve building security and a tenant service related issue, and solidified (secured) our relationship with that client in the process.   This is equally important to the health of any business…keep the clients you have happy.

The brief background on this project involves a client of ours in New York  (a very large, prestigious property) who uses the majority of our operations and maintenance platform, but was not using our visitor manager module.  They weren’t using it because they had previously installed a very expensive custom integration years before we got there that allowed their tenants to pre-authorize a visitor to the building as well as deactivate visitor passes, enroll new employees for access card activation and deactivate terminated employee’s access cards from the building’s security system. While the process worked, it required multiple applications for both tenants and building staff to use.

Additionally, the integrated configuration they had in place required the visitor system provider to make programming adjustments every time their security system provider made a change or upgrade to their system. This proved to be expensive, unmanageable and resulted in multiple system failures. – With a pending new required security system server upgrade coming, building management knew they needed to make a change and asked Building Engines to help.  Thanks to our terrific engineering resources here and a great partnership effort (which I’ll get into) we delivered a solution to the client that eliminated the need for co-managed upgrades and provided their tenants with a single application to use and a far better user experience.

…We also saved the client a significant amount of money over time by eliminating the annual cost associated with the other application.

The security system provider at this property is Lenel, a UTC Company and provider of the technology-leading “OnGuard” system. Pulling it altogether at the property was Henry Brothers, New York’s leading systems integrator.  In addition to being a complex project, what was interesting about this effort is that it required detailed cooperation from these two service providers.   Lenel & Henry Brothers bent over backwards to help us and the client achieve their objective.  The effort went so well that we joined Lenel’s partner program and they recently participated in our webinar program and delivered an outstanding presentation free of charge to our audience entitled “Integrated Solutions for Enhancing Building Security.”  We find this kind of cooperation to be rare, particularly when the other service providers are larger and the effort doesn’t necessarily represent immediate revenue for them.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with both of them again.

While it’s great to win new business and that emphasis won’t change, helping existing clients and solidifying those relationships with this kind of effort is every bit as important to our long term health.  It’s also rewarding to work with partners who share the same values and commitment to customer care, service and quality work that you do.