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This week’s most important property management news covers: ‘The Real in Commercial Real Estate,’ ‘Why It’s Important to “Lock Down” Your Property Data,’ ‘Sophistication in Office Amenities,’ ‘The Changing Nature of Property Management,’ and ‘Cyber Threats and Commercial General Liability.’

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  1. The Real in Commercial Real Estate (Genea)

    It isn’t always easy to see the connection between what is sometimes considered “old school” business values and innovations in technology. In this post, Ryan Dennis of Genea, shares a heartfelt series of quotes connecting the value of strong interpersonal relationships, customer service, and CRE Tech, from well-known industry influencers.

  2. Why It’s Important to “Lock Down” Your Property Data (Building Beat)

    Conversations regarding data security and information privacy in the age of the internet have been circulating for quite some time, but they’re just starting to seep into commercial real estate.

    In this Building Beat exclusive, you can explore the importance of data security in #CRE, including: who and what can be affected by a breach, preventive measures for avoiding risk and liability, and a few key takeaways for use when evaluating a CRE Tech vendor.

  3. Sophistication in Office Amenities (Entrepreneur)

    If you’re in the commercial office real estate space, you’ve probably heard (or even considered!) a series of robust amenities for your various properties. This article, courtesy of Entrepreneur, takes a look at the transition from what can be considered more abstract amenities (such as scooters), to a series of more sophisticated, productivity-minded options.

  4. The Changing Nature of Property Management (NREI)

    By now, you’re probably well aware of the impact that commercial real estate technology (CRE Tech) is having on the industry as a whole – but what about property management? In this post, Chris Mellen, CPM and 2016 president of the Institute of Real Estate Management, writes about how the world of property management is moving to adopt new technology, and the impact of a changing workforce.

  5. Cyber Threats and Commercial General Liability (The Broker List)

    In this guest blog on The Broker List, Reid Rushing, President of the Insurance Division of Beck Partners, writes about the impact of cyber threats on commercial liability, and the changing thought process behind it.

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