Mesker Park Zoo
Tenant Request: Polly Wants a Cracker

One of the latest clients to incorporate Building Engines into their daily routine is the Mesker Park Zoo, located in Evansville, Indiana. Typically when people think of Building Engines, they think of assembling car parts. And then they think of a commercial property management tool. This is because amateur auto mechanics are very prevalent. And the majority of our clients utilize our standard setup, which breaks accounts down by building, employees, and occupying tenant companies. This setup allows for all of a property’s components to fit neatly into the application.

This setup was not going to fit the zoo’s needs as easily. We needed to pony up and figure out a way to meet the zoo’s objectives, while remaining within the confines of the application’s capabilities and proving that we didn’t have a tiger by the tail. This is where we were able to get creative.

After talking more than turkey with the zoo’s Operations Managers and internally discussing available options, we configured the application to not only oversee the buildings, but also the components that didn’t automatically fit neatly into one area or another. Essentially, we sectioned the account into logical areas, including the exhibits, the surrounding regions, and any transportation services that were located within them. This gave the park’s operations team an easy way to track all work orders and preventive maintenance in logical format.

Overall, we have been proud as a peacock with the results. Our work with the Mesker Park Zoo has given us a successful template for additional zoo clients, as well as valuable insight into their daily operations. This insight is what fuels the unexpected enhancements that all of our clients can benefit from, and enables us to separate the sheep from the goats!