Things looked pretty good there for a minute.  Employment was up.  Companies showed profits.  The market rebounded. Summer was on its way.  Things looked good…then, Bang.  Torrential rain, flooding, tornados, Greece, Gulf Oil, Afghanistan, Obama debt, and, to top it all off, a fat-fingered fiduciary falters from figure fatigue and we’re all back in the dumpster.

Fear not ye few, ye happy few.  Consider some inverse aphorisms to help lead you out of the troughs and onto high ground.

Misery Hates Your Company:   Your attitude and demeanor say everything.  If you are a leader, then act like one.  Like the song says, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive.  Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative.  Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.”  Wear success on your face. Eat positive for dinner.  Breathe optimism.  It’ll go viral.

Early Worms Get the Bird:  And two of those are worth one in the bush.  Feed your birds early and often. Take care of your clients.  Be kinder and gentler than they expect.   Make them too comfortable to move.   Feed them.  Build their nest.   Bring them worms.

Your tenants need your presents more than your presence –   Yes, real estate is a people business, but the people that matter are your clients.  A good property manager is like a good waiter – you get what you need when you need it, but you’re not looking for a personal relationship.

Measure Once, Cut A Lot: Be smart, but be no executioner.  Get rid of the fat, all of it. Yet, remember that your employees drive revenue not the other way around.  It’s twice as expensive to hire effective employees back when you need them.  Cut only where you absolutely must.  Then, see what it got you before cutting again.  Fat is very close to muscle- and remember, that muscle may be your heart.

Invention is the Mother of Necessity:   Innovation is the answer.  Good old-fashioned, hard thinking creativity will help you to create the products and services that your customers-to-be need.   Don’t wait for business to come to you.  Don’t whine about lack of demand.  Create it.

No Man stands still for Time:  Yes, you’ve read that right.  Suck it up and stop waiting for things to get better.  Make them better.   In case you didn’t know it, luck is manufactured.

Good work comes from hard times:  Need I say more?

Remember that failure has many an author, while success is but a lowly orphan.

So get out those adoption papers!