Commercial buildings see a lot of use. There’s a large number of people using office buildings and industrial properties for long hours, which increases the general wear on equipment. To stay on top of maintenance issues, building managers should conduct regular inspections of their properties.

This can be done through a simple walkthrough and with the help of new technology. Mobile devices have made it easier for companies to oversee their resources and track building conditions. The BE-Mobile app facilitates the process and has unique features such as photo capture to show the state of equipment and the ability to initiate work orders while performing inspections.

Similar technology has helped the Bonita Springs Fire department complete building inspections in their community. The Bonita News-Press reported that inspectors have turned to tablets to streamline their work. Digital forms are created and filled out using the devices and owners can even sign off on the process, giving them immediate access to the reports.

Benefits of building management software
There are a number of cases where property owners and managers could benefit from building management software. The digital paperwork streamlines contract management. Taking tenants on a walkthrough prior to their moving in can help both parties identify and agree on any issues that need to be taken care of as part of the lease agreement. While these types of inspections are not required, they are often a good idea, as both parties are protected and have the appropriate documentation if the other fails to fulfill their side of the contract.

In addition to smoothing inspections, these platforms can automatically sort requests from tenants. As work orders come in, the system can determine priority and rank assignments accordingly. This way the issues that are directly affecting the operations of a tenant can be handled at once. The automated systems can be combined with routine maintenance checklists to keep all parts of the building in compliance with regulations.

Monthly inspections of the property keep facilities from falling into disrepair, which keeps tenants happy and reduces overall operating costs. Major problems with building systems can become a source of tension with occupants and may make it difficult to keep units filled. By using building management software, companies can ensure their properties are being take care of in the most cost-effective manner. Tracking repairs and other expenses makes it possible to manage operating costs more effectively. The data allows owners to see what systems need to be replaced and where future problems may occur.

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