Building Engines Now Uses SAML Single Sign-OnWe are excited to announce the recent launch of SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) in response to customer demand for a more seamless user experience. While we have provided Single-Sign-On for years, this is an important evolution to that existing capability.

With SAML SSO, our clients will be able to log into their existing corporate system and have simultaneous access to the Building Engines platform authenticated behind the scenes.

SAML stands for “Security Assertion Markup Language” and is an open standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider (in this case, Building Engines). SAML provides a variety of benefits to Building Engines’ clients including:

•Providing a single place for customers to manage system users, ultimately reducing the administrative work required to manage users and resulting in direct cost savings.

•Allowing companies to define permissions and access on an individual user basis, which is done by the client’s corporate IT department and not by the business owners, which is much more efficient and puts control in the right hands.

•Eliminating the need for users to login into BE, thus providing a fully integrated solution for their customers. This also reduces overhead of inevitable password reset and management.

Previous solutions put the onus on the customer to essentially develop a piece of middle-ware. This changes that – the SAML provider IS that middleware and the rest is configuration, readily managed by corporate IT teams. Large enterprise customers require modern solutions based on open standards and Building Engines proves that they are embracing this rather than a proprietary solution.

For more information on the advantages of SAML SSO or to request a demo of this new feature, click here.