Inger Jackson of Spectrum | Emery
Inger Jackson

This month’s customer spotlight shines on Inger Jackson of Spectrum | Emery, a CRE services company that leases and manages eight Class A office buildings in Franklin, TN.

Inger spent four years as the Property Administrator in Franklin, helping to deploy Building Engines Property Management Software to tenants.

Since this is your first job in the property management industry, what skills from your previous work experiences have you been able to apply to your current position?

My past job experiences included being the receptionist as well as a lot of clerical/admin work. As a result of my admin experiences, my computer skills and knowledge continue to grow with the various programs each company uses. For instance, shortly after I began working at Spectrum | Emery, Building Engines was launched for our tenants. This is a great property management platform that I not only mastered with ease, but became the manager of.

You definitely seem to have embraced technology. What motivated you to do so?

It is really the only option as technology continues to advance and becomes the staple resource to manage buildings efficiently. While there is the initial learning curve, I do enjoy learning new technology and programs – especially if it will enhance my job role.

What kind of impact has CRE technology made for your property?

Before we implemented Building Engines, I received all work orders and building issues either by email or phone. Building Engines enabled me to remove an extra step in resolving whatever office/building issues tenants were reporting since they no longer had to contact me to contact the appropriate personnel. It all became automated.

While not everyone is good with change, once the tenants and staff got the hang of [Building Engines], and realized the turn-around time was improved by using it, they really took to the online work order software system.

Were there any other benefits of using BEI that come to mind?

I was able to set up additional notifications so the tenants were receiving regular communication throughout the work order process. One of the areas we take pride in as a company is the communication with our tenants. Building Engines has really helped us to achieve and improve in that area.

How would you characterize your working relationship with the Building Engines team?

Over the years, I’ve worked with various team members at Building Engines. Everyone has been extremely helpful and pleasant. The main employee I had a regular working relationship with was Carl Dahl. He was an absolute gem to work with. He never made me feel stupid for any technical question I had. He was a tremendous help when I was putting together the tenant website via Building Connect. Carl was always quick to assist me, and I knew that I was in good hands with him.

Spectrum’s headquarters in Franklin, TN at Four Corporate Centre, 810 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin, TN
Four Corporate Centre, 810 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin, TN